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Motor Courier

Motor courier service is a business line where the transportation of many things such as food, clothes, documents, files, important documents from one point to another is done. As of today, with the increasing population rates in cities, the most important service in the field of logistics has made itself felt once again. Especially metropolitan cities such as Istanbul have taken the lead in the logistics field where their carriers are the most demanded and needed the most. Becausef you live in Istanbul, you do not need to look for a reliable transportation service well.

By applying to our company through various communication channels, all kinds of documents can benefit from our transportation. Thus, you can clear your mind from questions such as how can I send the cargo you have now. Our company has made it its duty to carry your products in the most reliable way by providing the best service with motorcycles specially prepared for every point of the city of Istanbul. If you have a large number of important cargo to be sent, our company is trusted. Because you can deliver this in their hands with peace of mind well so.

When the need arises, people benefit from the wide range of services offered by our company. In other words, they can deliver their cargo to the people or institutions they want to deliver. Our company’s services are quite comprehensive and it is the most suitable address for people who want to send cargo from one point to another. Our experts in the field can take your cargo to any point in Istanbul quickly. We offer all types of transactions and handling. In particular, our company continues its activities not only in well Istanbul but also between cities with dedication well.

Urgent Motor Courier

Motor courier we take it as a duty to send it together with our special options. The cargo delivery speed of this service varies between two hours and three hours on average with our standard transportation vehicles or motorbikes. This service, traffic, etc. It may take a shorter time depending on other external factors. So it may take longer. Many of your normal packages, this service is offered to our customers residing in all districts of the city of Istanbul. Your urgent works or the shipments that need to go fast with another name are the situation that you want to be sent urgently.

There are people who want to send cargo especially between cities as motor courier. You can get all kinds of information you need. By entering the contact information tab at the top of our company’s website. Sending cargo is no longer a problem for you. Our company has the opportunity to show you its quality. By delivering your cargo from one. End of the city to the other in 24 hours. With its latest fashion vehicles. In other words, the transportation services offered by our company continue under all conditions. There are so two types in well particular.

Two types of transportation services belonging to our company can be explained as follows. Our normal shipping document handling service is the service where more non-urgent cargoes are transported. And ın this type of service, your cargo is delivered. To your door within 8 hours after it is delivered. Your product will reach the addressee within 8 hours. Our normal transportation service is more convenient and affordable than our emergency transportation service. With this service, send your cargo in the fastest way at a very affordable price well.

Fast Moto Courier

With motor courier, it offers the service of transporting the cargoes that will be very important to the other side as quickly as possible. It directs you to our emergency service by choosing one of the couriers closest to your address. In addition, in our system to which we want to be sent urgently, it is divided into three. These are on the agenda as emergency. Express and vip transportation systems. The fastest system among them is the moto kurye transport system. The second is the express system and the third is the emergency system with its normal name. It is directed to the most so urgent.

It prevents any damage to your personal or private cargo to be transported. In other words, we carry out the distribution process of the cargoes as quickly as possible. As a company, it works depending on the distance of the center to be delivered. Especially for cargo to be sent out of the city. But it can choose to use alternatives of different transportation routes. In our company, cargoes are mostly transported via land routes. Apart from this, we sometimes use air transportation as needed. You need to deliver your cargo to our company early in the day because.

Vip courier system will be transported within 15 minutes will receive within 15-20 minutes. It mobilizes all our means to receive the cargo to be transported immediately from you and deliver it to the other side. However, our processing time on our express site varies between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Our extremely fast document and package delivery opportunity. It can be done to every farthest point of the city of Istanbul. Although transportation between cities has become easier today. And sending cargo between cities can sometimes become a great so torture.

Delivery Motor Courier

Motor courier even the cargos received by our company late. İn the day can be delivered the next day. It does its best to deliver it to the other party at the earliest hour. Traveling from a city to a city is now very easy. However, all you have for this is to reach us using our company’s contact. İnformation. We provide you with the opportunity to leave. Our company satisfied by delivering all kinds. Of cargo between cities with our expert technical staff. And the period we live in, everything is arranged in fast time. And manner where people cando their work without getting tired.

Intercity cargo transportation offered by our company by motor courier between cities. With this service, it takes your cargo to even the most remote places quickly. For those who do not want to waste time sending cargo. Between cities in today’s conditions. Our company immediately undertakes this task. We ensure that the cargo you deliver to us is safely transported. To its destination by keeping it in the best conditions. Our company has the competence to send cargo to 50 different points between cities. It will also prevent time loss by delivering your.

One of these services is in-city cargo and out-of-town cargo services. Our company works in accordance with the returns of the new age. You can think of the latest fashion gadgets. It allows you to spend your time efficiently by saving time. We offer all kinds of transportation services to our. Customers residing in all districts within the borders of Istanbul. The main features of the transportation service. Within and within our company are as follows. In other words, we show a high-level performance. And in transportation of products both in and out of the city because well.

Motor Courier Service

Normal cargo in our company that provides motor courier services in its own business area. And there are two types of courier, namely urgent cargo. The company, which also carries out inter-city cargo transportation. Carries out these activities with various vehicles. In smaller cargoes, all of our officers provide service to the field. It activates our vehicles in larger cargoes that are difficult to transport. Aircraft cargos are made by using airplane transportation from so one city to another city. In other words, it is the name given to the cargo transportation. To better but days.

In order to benefit from our air cargo service. You must have an airport in your city. Because otherwise, you will never be able to benefit from this service. Because the plane does not land at an airport that does not exist. We take care to deliver your products as quickly as possible. By guaranteeing same-day cargo delivery in our air cargo. It is our company that has been active in the logistics sector until now. In other words, we bring many of our services to you. From breakable items valuables. You can also reach our company. Which works the field Istanbul, because with well phone call.

Another point that our company emphasizes while providing transportation services is the principle of confidentiality. Our company carries out cargo transportation without violating the privacy of our customers. He takes care of your packages in the finest way. Our technical personnel operating within our company receive your cargo from you. It preserves your right to privacy by sending it to the other party. In other words, vulnerable road users need extra protection at the time of transportation. That is, on the road. Ensuring the safety of your cargo is a very important issue for our company.

Special Motor Courier

Motor courier because protects your cargo against external factors. Because with the most modern protection well techniques. Because carries out cargo anda transportation to any desired city by air. When exporting products that are sensitive to heat changes. And plastic pallets are usually the best choice. You can because add non-stockable cones and warning labels all over the well pallet. And in addition to land transportation activities, our company also. Cargo to our centers with our newest vehicles. It brings all kinds of cargo to your feet.

Because to a place as soon as possible Because only subsequent pickups allow carriers to base the delivery and also fill their main carriers with your cargo. In particular, this enables the carrier to maximize the use of assets, especially over long distances. In other words, it causes freight costs to decrease. But to the point of delivery of diseases and insects. What if you also used plastic pallets instead for export, so international transportation? Because but plastic pallets do not naturally need to be subjected to heat treatment or fumigation Because.

İstanbul courier fast direct delivery within 1 minute by picking up in the vip system. We deliver the product to the people or institutions you want without causing any damage. Because our company’s private transportation services are quite diverse throughout the day well. Because and our customers can benefit from this variety of services if they wish. And because with this you reduce traffic congestion. To the most special officers. If you are the person sending the cargo. So it starts now but the region is busy places. And package transportation services so.

  • Plastic pallets are versatile for the export of various
  • properties and can have customized specifications.
  • İnternational shipping first and so it starts but now